Updating software and firmware for your e3Vision system.

Watchtower software

Watchtower software can be updated for Windows, Linux, and MacOS by simply unpacking and copy the new zip file over the previous package. At the same time, please update the camera firmware if available.

Camera firmware

Camera firmware updates should be done from the newest version of Watchtower. If you have not already, download the newest version of Watchtower software appropriate for your platform.

Preparing cameras for update

  1. Make sure cameras are not in active use (Stop save and Disconnect Stream in the dashboard)

  2. (v0.3.0+) Unbind from the cameras requiring a firmware update. Cameras must be in unbound status to update firmware.

    Unbind cameras in order to perform maintenance operations.

  3. Download the newest version of firmware e3v-firmware-signed.fw and put it inside the same directory/folder as the Watchtower executable e3v-watchtower(.exe).

    The first hub port is Uplink, followed by camera units.

  4. Open up Watchtower and go to the maintenance menu (expand SystemMaintenance)

Updating firmware


  1. Click Update firmware + Reboot and wait for Firmware flashing complete; executing reboot. This process should take up to 90 seconds.

    (<v0.2.1) If you must run an older version of Watchtower, you may need to trigger a reboot manually with the “Reboot” button or by unplugging and replugging the camera.

  2. The first boot after new firmware should take 20-40 seconds until cameras are ready, depending on your network setup.
  3. You can verify that the new firmware has been installed using the Firmware version button. Read out the version of the firmware in the Logs box. Bind with the cameras again in the dashboard to begin use.

Last modified August 17, 2020