Updating software and firmware for your eCube and ServerNode setup.

eCube Firmware

To update the eCube firmware, download the latest eCube Firmware update from the eCube Software section of our product page.

The update package will include an eCube Firmware Updater executable, and a firmware binary file eCube update yyyymmdd.bin.

  1. Ensure that the eCube is powered up, and is not being actively used in data acquisition. Launch the updater and click on scan for eCubes to locate networked eCubes.

    If you have multiple eCubes, or have a specialized network setup where you do not use eCube auto-detection, input the hostname directly in the text box to the right of the scan for eCubes button. For more information on the hostname, see pre-configuring options section of the software documentation.

  2. Click on Get details to ensure that the eCube designated can be contacted (details of the eCube Server will be covered in the next step), and then press browse to locate a eCube server update file.

    Browse to the firmware binary file eCube update yyyymmdd.bin

  3. You can now compare side-by-side the eCube Server firmware version and the new firmware within the binary file update. If the new firmware version is higher, you may update the firmware using the Update eCube Server button.

  4. After clicking and during the update process, please do not interrupt the network or power between the computer and the eCube Server unit. After successful completion, you will receive a prompt to power off the eCube Server, wait 10-30 seconds, and power back on.

  5. You have successfully updated the eCube firmware. You can verify this by repeating Steps 1 and 2 for Get details to check the new firmware version.

ServerNode Software

Updating the software is as simple as re-downloading the latest version following products from the White Matter product website:

  1. Download and unzip the White Matter ServerNode (Windows 64-bit), and OpenEphys (with ServerNode plugin) software (Windows 64-bit).

  2. Download and unzip the White Matter eCube management tools.

Note that our ServerNode and associated software are self-contained, and can be run directly with no additional installation or alteration of your Windows system libraries.

If you are using shortcuts on Windows 10 in order to launch ServerNode software with pre-set options, please update the paths to the newest version of the downloaded software.

Last modified October 19, 2020