Main servernode software hub
PS C:\Users\eCubePC\Desktop\ServerNode-v0.2.3> .\servernode-control.exe
No hostname specified or detected.

  C:\Users\eCubePC\Desktop\ServerNode-v0.2.3\servernode-control.exe [--help]
    [--verbose] [--lowlatency] [--log <log>] [hostname]

    White Matter ServerNode-Control v0.2.3
    Command line version of ServerNode-Control that controls ServerNode
    recording sessions.


      -h, --help                        Display this help menu
      -v, --verbose                     Enable verbose logging
      -L, --lowlatency                  Enable low latency streaming
      -l[log], --log=[log]              Write log to file.
      hostname                          Name or IP of device or server to which
                                        to connect.
      "--" can be used to terminate flag options and force all following
      arguments to be treated as positional options
Last modified April 17, 2020