eCube Server

eCube Server unit, supporting up to 10 independent headstages

Headstage connectors

The eCube Server can support up to 10 independently recordable headstages, connected by easy-to-use single ultra-flexible tethers. These tethers can optionally feature magnetic self-aligning connectors and in-line commutators.

The eCube further supports headstage unplugs and replugs during active operation, giving maximum flexibility for multi-subject, multi-experimenter recording setups.

The eCube back panel, featuring 10 headstage connectors labelled H1-H10. Note that high-bandwidth stacking headstages should be connected to H7-H10.

Analog and Digital inputs

The eCube Server supports up to 32 channels of Analog input and 64 digital bits of input for behavioral experiment synchronization and sampling from additional instrumentation. These additional channels are sampled concurrently with the connected headstages.

10 Analog and 10 Digital channels are directly accessible via BNC connectors. For experiments requiring additional auxilliary input, further channels can be accessed through SCSI breakout boxes.

Two additional SCSI connectors allow for the flexible expansion of additional Analog signal input, or access to higher bit pattern input for more complex experimental epochs or labeling. For easy use, compatible White Matter breakout boxes are available from our product inventory.

Pinout of the additional SCSI-type connectors in the front panel.

Last modified October 16, 2020